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Jun 05, 2010 - 0 comments

Today i felt a little sick while making macaroni and cheese. But managed to stay away from cooking a meal until my husband got home. We then took a ride over to the store to buy some steak. The store is 2 minutes from my house but between my house and there i felt car sick right away. It didnt help that husband smoked next to me. So when we got to the store i was sickly. Was ok inside the store. But once again on the way home minus the cigarette smoke i felt nauseous again. So my carsickness has seriously picked up. I usually only get carsick when i am reading in the car. Now i get it just riding in the car. I then felt sick the rest of the time the food was cooking but feel ok now that everything is done. Monday is still on for another pregnancy test. I am getting more and more hopeful everyday that i may actually get my BFP!

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