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CFIDS... and pregnant

Jun 06, 2010 - 0 comments




I was 12 when I was told I had CFIDS in 2000. I barely made it through high school with my sicknesses, one right after another, and my sleeping to recover from each one. I had my first baby in 09 and made it through the pregnancy rather well i worked as hard as I could, all the time. if i didn't stop i couldn't sleep. now shes one and I'm expecting my second child but being a stay at home my mom gives u more opportunities to seat and every time i start to slow up everything catches up with me, i find myself with my eyes closed when i should be watching my baby, even if its only a second here and there it has me worried it takes all my energy to get up in the morning. I get up at 7 and go to bed at 9 and that's with a nap during the day sometimes two. my headaches are so bad, and body hurts all over its not to bad but Ive always have run to the medicine cabinet if it gets to be to much and right now i cant.  I try explaining it to my husband but I don't think he understands he just keeps asking whats  wrong and why am I sleeping 14 hours a day when hes off. I wish there was I way to explain it to him and another way to get it under control.

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