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Ok I really truly would like to get off this ride now.....I mean it!

Jun 07, 2010 - 9 comments

Ok folks in happy Thyroid Land (and anyone else who cares to jump on board this magical carousel!) I think I am going ga-ga! NO! NOT Lady Ga Ga, you know...blubbering idiot kind of ga-ga. Let me fill you in, shall I?

Jump back in time to about 3 weeks ago. (Males, it is right about now you might want to flick over to a football game or a porn site!) My period came as usual at the 3 week mark. Seems the past few months they are quite heavy and then seem to just stop. Ka-put! I used to be a 4 week girl, on the day, I could predict it even t the time of day and I was always right! Ok I am getting on in DNA expiry birthday was May 30 (thanks for those who didn't say Happy Birthday!) I turned 47. Still young in biological age! The females in my family never got their hot flashes till late their late 50's! Ok ok ok....I usual......So, Ok I accept a few days of super heavy duty surfboards at night, whoop-de-doo. BUT a week later, I feel cranky as all hell...take it out on my male friend, my man overseas, the cat, the dog, even an innocent blade of grass! Next day...ta-da..full on period lasting a week...except it is not a true period.
   So me takes me old tired konked out bod to the doc. Joy of joys! It is a FEMALE on duty this weekend! Woohoo! She understands....she pokes prods ponders and says.."Ok....we got perhaps, Lupus, recurrence of thyroid gland, menopause or perhaps something else more sinister"  Now I try hard NOT to be excited. Recall, if you will, that in the past, many a specialist has been just like this local G.P; Full of possible answers. I take it in my stride. She then takes blood, writes out a referral and says, "Get this done ASAP!"    Oh, says problem.....I think.......Ok......

Today, (only two days later) I had the Ultrasound done on my 'thyroid' ( I don't have one anymore, removed in 2007) and my....ahem.....girly bits. The lady radiologist was lovely. She asked me if the surgeons many years ago had taken my right ovary when I had surgery to cauterise a large vein running across that ovary, which at the time was causing me pain and heavy bleeding. I was dumbfounded. My ovary is missing? Oh it must have snuck out one night and forgot to come home. She eventually found it. It is small, very small. Makes sense why she couldn't find it. The solid mass inside the ovary with the small cyst made her ask me a million more questions...I told her, I had bleeding in the past, they did D & C (dilation and curettage...Ok it's where they open the cervix up and scrape out all the yukky bleedy bits) I had that done 3 times over a couple of years. My periods were 29 days bleeding, maybe one day off. The bleeding went on like that for months. Had my vein cauterised, the one across the right ovary. That seemed to help. But the right ovarian pain had started again in earnest this year and so has the heavy bleeding..just a little differently this time.
  Left ovary. HUGE Mamma! Twice the size it ought to be! Big ginourmous cyst with some lovely weird bits in it. Oh, says me, that accounts for the left side pain I have been feeling more often lately. Again a bazillion questions. Ok! I KNOW she can't TELL me what she knows she thinks she sees on that screen, but I am starting to put two and two together. I ain't no dumb puppy!
  My uterus is twice the size it ought to be too, even allowing for having had kidlets! Man...I was getting more and more stunned.....then there is the thyroid....two bits seem to be sitting there having a great old party. I wonder if the two problems are related by a distant cousin...knowing my luck they'll be inbred.

SO, I come home, called the doc (who is away this week at a conference) to get my pathology results. The good thing is; I don't have Lupus...the bad thing is; another doctor read my results from today ( they were faxed to my medical centre) and I now have to have another ultrasound on the ovaries! Waaaaaaaah!

  So! Ovarian Cancer perchance, with a large cyst thrown in, anyone, Shaken not stirred, of course!

Let me off this Merry Go Round, I wanna get off, I am starting to get rather dizzy..............

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390388 tn?1279639813
by Me967, Jun 08, 2010
Let's hope and pray this will pass and be ok.  Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you and prayers going.  ((((HUGS))))

1157646 tn?1343970728
by Nat_16, Jun 08, 2010
Its great news you dont have lupus.  Lets just hope and pray your ovaries are all ok.  Will keep you in my prayers.  xx

1157646 tn?1343970728
by Nat_16, Jun 08, 2010
Oh, forgot to say I've had a cyst...I remember the pain, it isnt fun.  I really feel for you.  Let me know how the next ultrasound goes (((((((HUGS)))))))

483733 tn?1326802046
by TrudieC, Jun 08, 2010
Just keep reminding yourself that over 95% of cysts/masses are benign.  Mine was and just had an endometrium ablation done last week to burn off the lining of my uterus to stop the heaving periods.  I hope and pray that all comes out well.  Don't let them wait too long.  

Avatar universal
by Smilerdeb, Jun 12, 2010
I had my right ovary removed in 1989 due to the fallopian tube causing scar tissue to attach to it and the ovary.
No big deal as I had finished having kids.
They do keyhole through the bellybutton and bikini line and had no problems since.
I have had regualr ultrasounds of the pelvic region and all clear.
They will remove the cyst )if it is a cyst) or part /whole of the ovary if suspicious.
I was in one day and home the next.
All should be ok Maria , although it might bring you into early menopause as it did me.
I was well over the menopause at just over 40,

219241 tn?1413541365
by redheadaussie, Jun 13, 2010
Well, got the call to come in on Tuesday as there is 'abnormal' blood tests. I asked the receptionist, didn't my tests come back normal though? She told me that some of them weren't back yet, including the thyroid and Lupus...going nuts waiting!  The cyst is a 2.5cms cyst with vascularity and a septa. Will be discussing that as well. I think I will ask for the CA-125 test to be done. I ain't wasting precious time! Feel angry that my previous doctor put these pains I continually have in my ovary area as needing more fibre and anxiety.....Good grief! I wasted 15 years of my life when I had no one listening to me on the thyroid issues, and I am not about to take this stupid cyst on my ovary lying down either! (Ok will probably have to for another ultrasound...LOL!)
Deb, I just don't want to go through surgery again, this'll be my 15th one and I am fed up with the upchucking afterwards, the inability to wake up and stay awake, they always keep me in longer than I want coz my blood pressure never gets up above 80/60. I always feel like I am dying! I think that is what is putting me off more than anything. That and the infernal waiting for results!  I just turned 47 so no more kidlets for me! So I guess if I go menopausal it'll be a big relief not to have the dreaded Aunt Flo!  Thanks for sharing your experience.

483733 tn?1326802046
by TrudieC, Jun 13, 2010
I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.  I am hypothyroid (non functioning) and when I had my ovarian cysts my thyroid hormones and my peri-menopausal symptoms went crazy and all settled in after surgery.   It was during this period that my Lupus and fibromyalgia kicked off.  Keep us posted on how it goes.  Hugs, Trudie

973741 tn?1342346373
by specialmom, Jun 13, 2010
Yes, I'll say a prayer as well.  I think it is the right thing to do to get your CA-125.  Prior to menapause, it is a much less reliable indicator but I'd want it done.  

You write with such wit and humor ----------  but the fear you must be feeling is not lost on me.  Waiting for results is truly horrible . . . the what ifs come into play and they can be terrifying.  Stay calm and do something really indulgent for yourself.  Hang in there and may it just be a quick blip on your radar screen.  Life back to normal soon, I hope.  

Avatar universal
by ska4life1986, Jun 13, 2010
specialmom said it all ,i will keep you in my prayers keep posted it helps to share your not alone stay strong and positive x

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