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Update on my progress..

Aug 04, 2008 - 1 comments

Hi All!!

I haven't been on for awhile for many reasons.. I have been moving, computer was down and I have just been so busy!! I am actually doing very well! I have my days.. WHEN FLO IS APPROACHING!!! Damn her!! But other than that, I am thrilled with how I am feeling. Saturday night we have a music festival here called Lollapolooza and I was out until midnight and still had energy! My hubby and I had the time of our lives and he said with tears in his eyes, I FINALLY GOT YOU BACK!!!!! At least for now!! We danced the night away like we were 20 years young again!!

Anywho...I am on Armour and it has saved my livelihood!! I am now on 90 mgs and my Dr is working with me on when I am symptomatic! I have got him to see the symptom side rather than just numbers side!! I'm due for my period in about 11 days and so far so good!! I have some anxious days, but I can't complain.

The anxiety and panic have pretty much disappeared. I know that they can appear in a flash without warning, but I have been doing great without their company!! I am just enjoying life again and so very blessed with my progress. I know that I can fall as fast as I came through, but I am really trying to be positive and take it as it comes!!

I hope you are all well and wish each and everyone of you the success and progress that has blessed me. I am here if anyone should need me!!


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by vivfla, Aug 06, 2008
It is so good to hear you are doing well.

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