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Apparently I self-sabotage any progress I feel I am making -- at least that is what my therapist is telling me.  I don't disagree... it makes sense with all of what she said about that topic.  However, I am still unsure how to go about stopping the viscous cycle.

I am now taking a handful of pills in the morning and afternoon, and a smaller one in the evening.  It becomes tiring... and not taking my meds makes me more tired.  I know I can't continue like this... but I am slowly slipping.  Slipping back into that helpless state.  A state I no longer want to visit; however, it seems that taking my medication consistently is still a chore, when at first it was not... because I was seeing results... progress.

To add to my collection of medication of Adderall, Abilify, Ativan and Resotril, is now Wellbutrin.  As of right now, when I was taking my medication consistently, everyday, I did feel as if it made a difference -- a positive improvement of who I am... can be.  This is one reason why I believe it is so hard for others to understand the trials that Bipolars go through.

Sorry to all who I have neglected on here.  A lot has been going on... a lot of changes, and more to come...

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by XraySpex, Mar 08, 2011
Therapists play create the victim and then blame the victim.  Our culture continues to reinforce this ignorant superstition of thoughts causing behavior, but anyone that thinks the human brain has the only self inititating force in the universe and this magical force generates a thought for every situation, thus holding people accountable for circumstances, should be laughed into a mental institution.  Thoughts are effects not causes, lets move on to behavioral science or suffer the consequences.  There are observable reasons for behavior and we need to learn to manipulate them to perpetuate healthy behavior AND stop these idiot therapists from spewing moronic venom of create the victim and blame the victim and getting payed for it.  Good luck.

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