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My Problem.......

Dec 28, 2007 - 2 comments









Acid reflux







I had Whooping cough (Pertussis) last December (2006) which left me with a load of problems. Every morning for the past year since I recovered from the Pertussis, I wake up and I'm full of phlegm which makes it hard to breath. I cough/ choke on it and my gag reflex (which has increased since I was sick) kicks in and I throw up phlegm. Throughout the day I have phlegm at the back of my throat and all the way down my airways (which is very uncomfortable btw) and it occasionally comes up on its on or I have to cough it up or I will choke/gag/ and throw it up. People look at me, and I'm not sure that I have a choice in the matter anymore, since it will come up either way (even if I turn white first from holding it in and trying to be polite and not hack it up). I also have trouble digesting foods sometimes. The phlegm gets worse with temperature extremes too.

I have been tossed around from doctor to doctor, using up all my sick and vacation time from work with an hour appointment here and there. I've seen my primary, a gastroenterologist, allergist, ear/nose/throat doctor, an endrocinologist, and now a pulminologist. They all seem to think it's related to my asthma (which I have had forever)/ and the Pertussis which left me injured internally.  

The gastroenterologist  said to take omiprosol for my acid reflux problem, but could not help me with the phlegm problem and sent me to the ENT doctor.

The ENT doctor said I had post nasel drip/ asthma and allergies and to see an allergist.  He gave me flonase.

The allergist said that I have dust and pollen allergies unrelated to this problem and to see a pulminologist/ take claritan.

The pulminologist has given me a steroidal enhaler (Advair) at the max dosage to take bi-daily for the next month or two.  He had me do a Pulmonary function test for asthma and now I have a follow up appointment for Jan 15th, 2008.   It's been a couple of weeks and I don't see any improvement. Does anybody know what this problem might be?  The doctors don't seem to know and it seems that other people here have similar problems.  I don't want to go on with this problem for years... I really need help because I want to kick this problem in the butt.......It is miserable being 26, so young and living with this.

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by frndsrgldn, Dec 24, 2010
This is me!  I had pertussis over 5 yrs ago and it was severe enough to go on for at least 6 mo. (those very symptoms you describe).  I also have a girlfriend who had it about the same time and also has the same symptoms now as you and I.  We have never had asthma and are having the very same symptoms as you!  I still wake up and will throw up or cough up phlegm.  I use to be able to drink coffee every morn with my fav non-dairy creamer, and now I have to wait til afternoon usually just to be able to hack it!  This has to be related to the pertussis.  I have had some allergies before the whooping cough, that were not severe so that is probably not the cause.  If it were, then we would have been throwing up and gagging before the disease right?  I don't think Dr.'s really know all there is about it's effects on adults and therefore it must be something else... BTW I am 46 now, and I've seen plenty of, well meaning, Dr's make lots of mistakes.  I believe that is why they are "practicing" medicine!  Don't feel too bad, because you are not alone, and hopefully some day we will have the answers...don't stop asking, and they will have no choice but to keep working on an answer!  :)

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by c2sbi, Aug 02, 2013
Hi ,

I to have had Whooping Cough, (2007), and after two sinus surgeries I am still feeling its after effects years later.

Throughout the day I have phlegm at the back of my throat and all the way down my airways.  
This is what really is troubling me the most because not only is it uncomfortable , but  it frequently makes me think that one day it will get so bad that I might not get a breath in!

I have mastered "trying" to clear my throat without making it so obvious (but I do it discretely more for my sake as not to hurt my throat ) as I have  learnt on a number of occasions that forcing it to come out is counterproductive  and can make the feeling 'of something stuck' even worse.

I am really hoping that somehow you have cured this dreadful ailment and that you are willing to share some words of wisdom. (Hope you are still in contact with this thread).

Please let me know either way.



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