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Another day

Jun 30, 2016 - 0 comments

So I have been taking tests with an endocrinologist ever since they found a cyst on my adrenal gland that may or may not be releasing extra cortisol into my system.  I did some more blood work on Tuesday and then called to see what they could do for me while we waited the week for the results.  He didn't wind up calling me back so I started to freak out about that.   To make matters worse I decided to try and start the zoloft again that I had tried to take the previous week but had some side effects (more night sweats and insomnia).  This just seemed to make my anxiety worse, so the next morning I wound up taking myself to the ER for another visit.  

Again at the ER, it appears that there is nothing wrong with me, they took blood and urine, did a chest xray, and 12 Lead EKG, and it all says I am fine.  I don't feel fine through, wish I could differentiate between what is the anxiety that I am causing myself versus the anxiety that may be caused by my hormone imbalance.

Finally go ahold of my Dr. this morning and waiting for a call back.

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