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Gender and the "Name Game"

Aug 04, 2008 - 1 comments I go again. Funny how during your pregnancy you can obsess over something like a name. I remember how stressful it was last time because we couldn't agree on anything. It wasn't until we were reading the Bible one evening that we finally agreed on something we liked (Levi). Well, we haven't been reading the Bible as of late (I know, I know...shame on us), but I think we have come up with something we both like.

Last time, it was imperative that we use my husband's deceased brother's name in my son's name, which is where a lot of the stress came from, because he wanted it to be the FIRST name, but I didn't want my son growing up in his uncle's shadow or having him constantly compared to his uncle by my MIL (which she still does anyway). Sooo, I was grateful when my husband finally agreed to let it be his middle name, and in the end we had Levi Clayton.

This time, we went around in circles at first. I LOVE the name Wade and tried to get hubby on board with it. Wade Thomas or Daniel Wade. No go. He wasn't having it.

Therefore, I started thinking about how this new baby should be all about MY family. My mother's maiden name was Evans, so I told my hubby that I'd like to take the "s" off and name it Evan if it's a boy. I happened to throw James in with it because I thought it flowed well, but it turns out that James was the middle name of my husband's brother! I had no idea!! Well, of course he LOVED this name.
He told me that his brother got it from their grandfather's middle name. So it wouldn't really be naming him after his brother again, but his grandfather instead. He said it would mean a lot to him if he could use his grandfather's name.

As much as I like this name...for some reason it still bothers me a little. Just a little. Should it? I have no clue. If we use it, which we are planning to do so far, then I think it would be nice to have both our families included in the name. But I have a strange feeling about it at the same time. Oh well...I'm just rambling. But that's what journals are for, right?

As for girl names...I've had one picked out for YEARS. Way before I ever met hubby. Unfortunately, the first name has gotten more popular with each passing year, but I guess I won't let that stop me from using it if it's a girl. Lily Anna.
That way we can call her by her first name OR call her by her first AND middle name. I don't think I'll use both names though, because then people will probably pronounce it Lily AHHNA...not Anna. I'm a country girl, so pronouncing the "A" as "AHH" won't do it for me. Not that it's not pretty, but I like just plain ole' the ending of the word "bandana" or "banana". You don't call it a banahna do you? Well, there you go.

Anyway, that's what we've decided on so far. I thought about naming a girl after my granny, but she has one of those "older" sounding names...Ruby. And everyone I've talked to seems to hate it.

Oh well, we have plenty of time to decide for sure...and it won't be long before one of those options will be out the door anyway. We hope to find out the gender on the 27th, so we'll just have to wait and see. :-)

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by hkenny, Sep 07, 2008
I think Ruby is a beautiful name, and its not overused!!

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