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YAY!! Good Food!!

Jun 09, 2010 - 4 comments

Well today i have been getting headaches pretty much whenever i bend over. I am super tired like always, breasts are still hurting, gained 1 lb. even though i have been watching what i eat. Feeling generally yucky but at the grocery store i felt random flashes of nausea a couple of times and was a little gaggier than usual. So still maybe prego!

    Tonight was alot of fun, i cut a whole chicken in half and marinated it in lemon zest, lemon juice, cut up oregano, salt and pepper.I only marinated it for 30 minutes! Trust me that was enough! Then cooked it on the grill skin side up for the first 30 minutes and skin side down for the next 20!  
It was amazing and even my 3 year old loved it! She said mmm MMMMM MMMMMMM!! Which i have heard all of 3 or 4 times her whole life time so this was a big deal. Made me feel pretty good! She ate so good tonight! And since there is nothing bad for babies in there all you would have to do was puree some chicken with something to make it a little more mushy for baby and there you go baby's dinner! Well baby's main part of dinner at least. I would have anywayz! Oh and to hold them over till the chicken was done i got some ripe but firm tomatoes, cut them in half, made up my basting stuff, olive oil, salt, freshly ground pepper, and some garlic powder, baste them with it grill 2 minutes skin side up, and take them off cut a V in them stuff with shredded mozzarella and then grill (of course) skin side down for about 8 minutes or until the skin is starting to peel. For my family when it was done we took the skin the rest of the way off. But leave it on if you want it! All in all tonight i had a pretty happy family!

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by RawCore, Jun 10, 2010
Even reading about it makes my mouth water .... YUM! I cooked chicken yesterday too but it was for hubby's lunch. i myself will have leftover tomato curry with some omelette. Yeah lol.

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by Faylew1012, Jun 10, 2010
i have never had anything with curry in it but that sounds absolutely delicious!

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by RawCore, Jun 11, 2010
I made bone-less chicken curry with loads of tomatoes in it ... very spicy and extremely delicious! :).

P.S. Why do I wanna puke after writing that?!? :S

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by Faylew1012, Jun 11, 2010
Your lucky that you want to puke. My sick feelings have died down quite a bit over the last 3 days. Although today i didnt feel as well as yesterday. Everything else is still the same though not as emotional. I just dont know if i want to even waste the money on a test.

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