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I'm Back

Jun 10, 2010 - 0 comments






Yesterday I graduated high school, Hooray for me, but before I had to go shopping for a dress. Actually, lets start before that when I was with my sister and mother when we were talking about going to the mall. Mom was saying how we should go to Torrid and Theresa, my sister, said that I don't need to be going to those fat people stores. She said this as I was walking into the kitchen so my back was away from her. I instantly started tearing up when she said, "you know you're not fat Imani." I told her that I knew, fight back tears. So we went to the mall and ended up not buying anything except for some underwear from Victoria's Secret (I can barely fit into a large). The next day my mom wanted to take me to Ashley Stewart because she claims that they have some really cute clothes. I went and found something that I liked, a skirt and a black shirt. After that a friend of mine, Angel, wanted me to go to Rhapsodielle with here so I did. Now Angel is probably a size 10 and Rhapsodielle only carries extra small, small, medium, and large. I would love to buy clothes there but they really don't have my size and then seeing Angel wearing a medium and sometimes a small really put me over the edge. This is officially the summer of change. I have a job so my money can go to healthy foods and maybe a gym membership :/ I want to get down to 200 by the time I start school on August 24. That may not be possible but I'm going to try. Wish me luck.

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