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Jul 04, 2016 - 0 comments

Well the weekend is over, I did some one arm mowing on the ride on which I enjoy as its something I can do one handed and I don't need to ask for help.  

Did a bit of cooking and attempted some chopping and damn near sliced my thumb off. I find it so frustrating that I have always had great knife skills and now I'm useless.

Sunday morning woke up at 3am in excruciating  pain, my arm was horrible, just throbbing constantly, went and had a coffee and sat for a while trying to breath through it, finally went back to bed at 5am fell asleep around 6am and then woke up 8am.  

Felt very ill all Sunday, was very anxious about my chest pain, however I don't believe it is my heart. I think perhaps I should have got the antibiotics that Dr Jess prescribed, as my chest feels like I have been king hit in my chest, it very hard to breath.

Anyway its back to work today so power on and stay positive.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
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