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Very BAD day!

Jun 10, 2010 - 4 comments

This is my third day post- op and I feel terrible!! I am in a lot if pain and the nurse is making me eat so I can take my pain meds. I have no appitite and feel sick after I eat. Plus I
am crying at the drop of a hat and my theory hurts pretty bad. I'm still in the hospital and will hopefully get to go home tomorrow.

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1329156 tn?1275410957
by ladystraycat, Jun 10, 2010
Tomorrow is always a BETTER day...........the worst is behind you, so don't look back...focus looking forward and your strength will forward.........

1262699 tn?1277858559
by Mimi81, Jun 10, 2010
You are in my prayers. I sympathize with the pain, eat enough for the pain meds and then after your pain has subsided a bit you can eat more that way you don't get as sick. that's what i do when i'm in pain sometimes, and surgery makes everyone vulnerable, it's been three months for me and i still cry from time to time, the healing process is frustrating lol! the worst is behind you, i am glad your surgery went well and just look forward, hopefully you can go home so you can rest better. God Bless you and keep the faith, it will be all right even though it doesn't seem that way right now. Feel better!

378425 tn?1305631894
by dawnlyn, Jun 11, 2010

I wanted you to know that I am thinking about you, I hope you are home and trying to rest.  I think I read somewhere that was not ovarian cyst after all.  When you get a chance let me know how you are getting along.


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by moni999, Jun 12, 2010
Cry cry's okay. You will be healed my friend. Everyday will get better. I'm thinking about you and always sending healing thoughts your way,

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