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Not Happy

Jul 06, 2016 - 0 comments

Last night was horrid, excruciating aching and throbbing in my arm almost all night.  Haven't slept much at all.  Feeling quite low, however I am at work and just trying to scrape myself up off the floor to get on with the day.

Quite sore and uncomfortable. Didn't go for my walk this morning just couldn't find the motivation out of the tiredness and pain.  

Little bit befuddled after talking to the OT yesterday at first she was surprised that I already had the CRPS diagnoses from my Dr and Also their Dr Vic, I am beginning to wonder if these guys actually talk and if they are on the same page with regards to my treatment.

Then a couple of times she mentioned that the diagnoses is a grey area?????  I am confused and frustrated???

I am concerned that due to my positive attitude and the fact that I refuse to succumb to this condition they team feel that I can deal with it on my own.

Make no mistake, I am in PAIN, CONSTANT UNRELENTING PAIN.  There are days and nights when I feel like I can chop off my arm, and there are days when I am very low, however I do have the ability to push myself threw it.  

It's unfair, that this has happened to me, I am so Farkin angry, frustrated and confused.  However it is here and I just have to get on with it.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
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