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June 11, 2010.

Jun 11, 2010 - 3 comments


Sore and tender bbs. Hurt when touched.
Bad Constipation.
Peeing much more than usual.
Very thirsty.
Very hungry. Want to eat spicy stuff.
Very very sleepy - always.
Teeth are hurting and gums are bleeding.
Decrease in libido.
One cramp in the morning.

Vanished :
Creamy discharge.
Headaches. etc

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1328841 tn?1315683816
by Faylew1012, Jun 11, 2010
I still think your pregnant! You never answered if you were late for your period yet?

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by RawCore, Jun 12, 2010
Yup, I am a week late for my period .... :).

1328841 tn?1315683816
by Faylew1012, Jun 12, 2010
HAHAHA! GO you !! I definitely think your prego!

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