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Need to vent

Jun 12, 2010 - 1 comments

So i finally got my medicaid insurance situated and sorted out, so I'm calling around different OB offices seeing who takes it and who doesnt. After no worry we don't 3 times i gave up and called the medicaid help line to see what they gave me.There is ONE in my town that accepts medicaid and the next one is 25 miles away. Im almost 10 weeks pregnant, had one ultrasound at a free pregnancy clinic but thats all they do, they dont do normal pretnatal care, they do the first u/s if you dont have insurance to make sure everything looks good and its not an ectopic or anything. Everything was fine and that was at exactly 8 weeks. But since it took me so long to get my insurance sorted and then to find a ob office to go to i wasnt able to make my appointment until yesterday. The soonest appt they have is the 29th. I will be in my second trimester before ever get real prenatal care. This is my first pregnancy. I'm already a mommy to my step son in everyway but giving birth to him. But Im probably just over worried but it worries me that i wont be able to get any real care until then, the doctor office i take my step son to and that my regular GP is at doesnt have OB's and doesnt do prenatal care.Also the last time i went in there, they couldnt figure out what was wrong with me, and told me well were not sure whats the matter, if symptoms keep up come back in two weeks. When i was feeling really lightheaded and had multiple other symptoms that made it difficult to take care of my 18 month old step son. So it looks like i'm friggin stuck, i'm so pissed, the state of IL needs to get their SH** together beforei go crazy. I might be able to get another ultrasound at the pregnancy clinic before then, but i don't think so, and i didn't like how they wouldnt let my own HUSBAND into the ultrasound room. If i hadnt been worried sick about wanting to make sure the baby was ok i would of told them screw that and they could go F*** themselves. Ive been moody beyond belief the nausea isnt quite so bad and the horrible cold the whole house had is finally dying down and all that most of us have left is congested heads. I'm still tired all the time. Grr it just worries me that i will be into my second trimester before i ever get prenatal care.

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by Kenzie1010, Sep 20, 2010
i know this is kinda late but i know how you feel.I was on medicaid in Alabama and moved back in with my parents at the end of july. My next doc appt. was going to be August 28th but my mom told me to cancel that and my alabama medicaid. so i finally get on medicaid here in florida which took me forever to do. I now have not had an appointment since July 27th and im kinda worried about my baby boy. He's moving and everything but im just worried. I went to call all the doctors in my town  to see if any accepted medicaid and sadly there isnt one at all so my hospital is 20-30 minutes away. It just really ticks me off that there are so many obgyns that dont accept medicaid for pregnant women.

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