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My MS ? Journey

Jun 12, 2010 - 0 comments

Hi Folks well here goes. I started with a numbness in my left arm over 5 months ago, i was initially sent home from work with this problem. I went straight to my GP who conducted an ECG which was ok, but he refered me to a neurologist.

In the meantime my sister works at a private hospital and got me in to see a spinal surgeon. When i was examined by him he thought i had a herniated disc ( think thats right ) in my neck, at this point i did not have any neck pain.

To cut a long story short - i have now been refered back to a neurologist because a swelling was found on my spine ( not told where about just said neck area) after my first MRI. I had a second MRI with contrast, and a brain scan. I have now after 5 month got horrendous pain in my left arm, although its numb - i have a feeling of something burning and crawling around in my arm. My neck is absolutely killing me, i cant even bend my neck to eat my meals. I have aching and painful feet also.

I am now on anti depressants because i was experiencing horrible detached feelings like i was losing my mind. very scary.. this only started at same time as pain got worse. I am still in agony can hardly use my left arm hand fingers are numb pins needles also in my feet .

I have now been told my mri showed a number of areas in my brain within increased  signal - but seem quite a long way from ventricles. demyelination does remain a possibility this was wrote by my Neurologist.. I have a history of lower back pain for years, which seems to flare up now and again. I have also had a few dizzy spells ..Please help i do not want to self dx but if these symptoms seem familiar in first stages of MS with anyone please tell me .

I am now awaiting a Lumber puncture appointment, a 3rd MRI and neurologist is advising on a 3 day course of intravenous methyl prednisolone. Jan xxx

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