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Bouncing Back

Jun 14, 2010 - 2 comments

My last entry was a downer.

I think my hormones are still out of control. I have noticed right before that time of the month, and during of course, my anxiety and depression is a million times worse. I don't know if there's anything that can be done about that, but I'm planning on discussing it with my doctor.

Things are going well now. Despite all the changes in my job, all the people they've laid off from my dept, and the fact that I'm soon moving out of my apartment but still don't know where I'm going to live, I'm good.

I've joined a bowling league. It's hilarious and random, especially since my team is pretty much horrible, but we play against all these older people who are super serious bowlers. They have matching team shirts and their own bowling balls and embroidered bowling's hilarious. Suffice to say, my team is in last place but I think we have way more fun than any of the others.

I'm getting out more. I'm trying really hard to not spend all day cooped up in my apartment. It's much easier that way, but it's definitely not fun. I also get a nervous, almost irritable energy when I spend all day inside, so why I was choosing to wallow in self pity on my couch for so long I'll never know.

I've had more panic attacks in the past few weeks than I've had in a really long time. I think I had gone about 2 months without any, which is great. Again I think it's due to the hormones being out of whack. I'm getting more reslient though, and I'm bouncing back faster from attacks than I was. I obviously still have my moments where I'm feeling down and out, depressed and discouraged, but I'm trying to not let it take me over anymore.

So yeah, things right now are good.

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1254306 tn?1270995813
by veryworriedmomdad, Jun 15, 2010
Are you on any birthcontrol pill? and if so, what kind?  My daughter is on Yaz which also helps with PMDD.  It really helps with her anxiety, her depression, and of course the terribleness of her period.  She has been on it for a year now, and it really seems to work. I took it for my ovarian cysts, it worked on the cysts, but it made me feel anxious. (but I don't normally suffer from GAD).  Just a thought, but check with your doctor.   Good luck.  Patty

1294106 tn?1361058685
by stylesC, Jun 15, 2010
glad to see that things are good right now! :)

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