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Tears in My Eyes Red on My Panties

Jun 14, 2010 - 2 comments

I saw the red spots on my panties and I started crying. This is just not working for me. AF, so that means no pregnancy test. I even went out and bought some last night. I was so excited, oh well I guess another month of trying. My period does not seem to be normal at all. It is always changing, Doc. wants to wait it out to see what happens. Is there medication that can help with this?? I would be willing to do almost anything, to have my first child with my wonderful husband.

All I could do was cry while I got ready for work this morning and my DH knows not of my tears. Not sure if I should be sad, mad, frustrated, pissed, all I could do was cry.

It takes a toll on a person and a couple when they have been trying. I can't figure out what else I can do about this. Any suggestions??? My LP is too short to hold a pregnancy from what I have read.

I am going to go cry some more. If any suggestions let me know.

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by TinaR10, Jun 16, 2010
FIRST SUGGESTION STOP CRYING GOD IS IN CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know this is stressful and hard trust me i have PCOS and u hardley never get a period or  ovulate but I do and I have a son U WILL CONCIEVE AND HAVE A BABY IN GODS TIME have u ever talked to ur doc about maybe medical treatments that can help u concieve. THE OBGYN is our best friend lol and will help us get these babies well GOD gave us them for a reason. SO be STRONG U WILL GET PREGNANT U WILL MAKE IT THREW THIS

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by Rdaniellet, Jun 26, 2010
My doc won't prescribe anything until we do testing on my husband then testing on me to see if there is any blockage, she said to try three more months then come back if no success. She said I am ovulating just fine and she looked at my med help charts and she said everything checks out. So another three months then we will go from there. But thank you for thr encouraging words.  As you said in one of your journals everyone around me is getting pregnant, it was hard for me that day.

I had no signs of a period coming and then there it was....

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