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Baby Registry?  RANT

Jun 14, 2010 - 1 comments



baby registry

Why in the world should I make a baby registry if no one is going to buy anything on it?  Sure random gifts are cute and all but my baby still needs a place to sleep, a carseat, and other things!

They won't even tell me (or anyone else) what they got!  Sure they might think its cute now but in a few months when I'm opening seven of the same stuffed animal I'm gonna be pissed.  If I wanted a bunch of **** I wasn't going to use I would have gone dumpster diving, not baby shower planning.

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by connorethansmom, Jun 15, 2010
Funny, I got blankets with my first, LOTS and lots of blankets!!!  I did also get some nice things that the baby would actually use, a carseat, bouncy seat, a carrier (of course not the one I really wanted).  My second (a girl) I got so many teeny tiny pink outfits.  Really, she wore them for the first two months and that was it, and of course a large assortment of PINK blankets.  This time, I plan (not sure how to work this out) is for people to give money to help pay for my doula.  They have a doula registry so I hope that works, please lord, NO more blankets!

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