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Excellent labwork, according to Dr. Schwarz, I gotta take it easy

Aug 05, 2008 - 0 comments










Dr Schartz said my labwork is excellent, I didn't see any significan changes, must be pleased that nothing negative or drastic happened. She did say my bloodsugar was a bit low, nothing major. I filled out my am I feeling depressed, homicidal, suicidal, no worries, yet!
Got a Hep A shot, took more blood, poked me and checked by blood oxygen. Discussed my sx. She said they were normal, asked if I needed anything for nausea, not at this time.
She said I should take it easy and rest when I was winded, rundown.
I Don't won't to miss work, have fmla done just in case.
No viral load listed on this bloodwork, go back in 2 weeks, will see then.
I had an appt. for 9:40, they had me down for 9:00, were going to reschedule me, worked me in I guess when I made a point of saying it was 9:40, but didn't have appt. card. I found it when I got home and want to fax them a copy of it, but what good would it do anybody. I gotta let it go. Went to a 12:10 Lunc with Bill meeting, that helped.

Peace and Health

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