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I need an increase!!

Aug 05, 2008 - 0 comments










Endo called today, wants to increase my armour (imagine that!) - I knew I was feeling "in a funk"  - In 6 weeks I went from a TSH of .09 to 5.1!!!   I dont have any of my other numbers yet, I will have to ask them to send me the results when they call me back tomorrow.  The nurse pract. that called wasnt even aware that I was on Armour, so she had no idea how much the doctor would want to increase.   So another day of waiting.  I feel like that is all I do is wait, wait, wait....  Wait to feel better.....  My endo is supposed to be the best in my area, but I havent found that his staff is all that great.  You have to call and leave messages for days before they get back to you.   When you are impatient for an answer it can really be annoying!    I wish I could find a smaller, more "warm and fuzzy" doctor who was knowlegable about Armour.   SIGH!!!!!

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