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Good news at the Ultrasound!

Jun 15, 2010 - 9 comments

I humbly apologize for not posting a journal entry for all to see.  That was rude of me - but it was not done intentionally - I was trying very hard to respond to peoples notes as they came in,,, and was failing miserably.  Then the "work" day was over and i was not at home last night so i couldnt send notes or respond.  ugh


On a brighter note...  The US went just fine, thank heavens.  There was a baby, and i think that little heartbeat was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.  The sprout measured in at 7wks2d, which is just about right.  I was 7w4d past IUI yesterday.  

The RE said that everything looks good, and that I dont need him anymore.  LOL - he did advise that once baby arrives that we do not use any birth control... like i need to be told that!  After all this time trying, i will never go near birth control again (unless the RE makes me for IVF purposes)

I did get a very nice US picture which i promptly ruined.  i didnt realize it was thermal paper and i laminated it.  Surprise - it came out all black!  Luckily I had photocopied it.  The picture is not good - but theres nothing i can do.

So there is my good news!  Oh yes - the RE did tell me that cramping is normal, and not to worry about it - just to take it easy and enjoy.

What a relief!!!!!!!!!!!

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1107684 tn?1448828430
by moonpiebaby, Jun 15, 2010
Wow!!! Good for you! I have been watching and hopeing everything went good for you. Best of luck and enjoy your baby journey!! Keep us posted!

1277616 tn?1284641425
by mztova, Jun 15, 2010
I am over the moon happy for you Gayle!!!! Can't wait to share my journey with you!!! Its my turn this month LOL

1099046 tn?1281009951
by jhopeful, Jun 15, 2010
Congrats!! I am so glad the little bean is doing good. Isn't that the most amazing thing to see that cute little heartbeat!!!

1113177 tn?1309744249
by pepot, Jun 15, 2010
i am so happy for you!!!

GOD Bless and take care c".)


711326 tn?1297868510
by udbe2, Jun 15, 2010
Congrats and I'm so glad to hear that everything is well.   Funny thing.. you spell your name Gayle whereas I spell mine Gail.  

8)    Good luck and take care of that little bean.  

640534 tn?1326779311
by Vero1125, Jun 15, 2010
Yayyy congrats!

768616 tn?1322665820
by agini, Jun 15, 2010
congratulations.good bless u & ur baby.take good care of ur self now.pain is very normal that means ur emby attach to the wall very tight & its growing nicely.goodluck.

865566 tn?1356700362
by GiGiGiGi, Jun 15, 2010
Thank you everybody!  It is so nice to have the Medhelp community.  What an awesome support system!

Thanks again.


1220189 tn?1299427283
by schroederheather, Jun 15, 2010
Awesome, congrats!  I knew everything would be ok, that is the same thing I went through.

Had an U/s today and everything was perfect.  Got to see the baby pulling on the umbilical cord and kicking its feet and hands.  It was the most awesome thing, HB was at 170 which is good at 10 weeks.  Wont get to see him/her until we find out the sex, so another couple months.  So happy though!

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