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Jun 15, 2010 - 1 comments






I've been having migraines since i was 8 and they've gotten increasingly worse over the years. I have a constant headache every day, no matter what. The small headaches i can block out and just go on with my day, but for the last few months they have really picked up and the pain is just getting too much to bare. I have a migraine 2 or 3 times a week and its really starting to effect my everyday life. I have trouble focusing, its like my common sense is slipping, i'm starting to find what is usually easy to me hard to do, like math and reading. I've had 2 major blackouts in the last month, which is weird since i haven't had any blackouts in over a year. The first blackout wasn't so bad, since i was home and my grandpa found me and brought me back to consciousness within 15 minute, but the pain afterwards was horrible. It took me a whole 5 minutes to remember what had happened. The second blackout this month was the worst I've ever had because there is still a 2 hour blank in my life, that i just cant remember. What i do remember is that i got a bad headache while in class and left early because it was just getting worse. I left class at 715pm and called pa when i got to my car cause i didn't think i could drive but he didn't answer. Thats the last thing i remember until i woke up in bed at 930pm. I still have no idea how i got home, pa said he found me blacked out in my car in the driveway, so apparently i drove home, i just don't remember it. This is starting to get frustrating and i admit its starting to scare the hell out of me, i just don't know if its my migraines or if it may be something else. I made an appointment with the Neurologist for next Monday, so hopefully i will get some answers, i'm just nervous.

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by vikra, Jun 15, 2010
hi there,,,it seems more like a tension headache than migraine,,,need few more details

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