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Jun 15, 2010 - 4 comments

no BDing so far this month, I decided we will just do it when WE feel like it, not when the egg decides!!

Been a lot happier this month not trying to conceive, my sanity is intact and I like it =-] amazing how quick the cycle goes when youre not testing and counting!!!

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by colby2009, Jun 15, 2010
AMEN! I totally agree. My doctor has recommended to stop trying for months and months...I did a few months ago and it was great. It's totally relaxing and you feel completely zen by the end of the's awesome. My personal favorite way to take my mind off BDing: bubble baths right before bed. oh man those are great :).

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by xx_Louise_xx, Jun 16, 2010
No BDing at all?! Lol... Normally as soon as AF has buggered off..i jump straight on him!! Lol...
Glad your feeling better..

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by onyxangel, Jun 16, 2010
Haha. your funny you tell that egg! hehe. Gla you are feeling back in charge! :) Ahmen to the cycle flying by when not checking temps or anything every day .

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by frequent_tester, Jun 16, 2010
It's been hard making our schedules match this month...if i had been thinking about ovulation, i;d be forcing it to happen, and that wouldnt be good at all. For me at least, and for him with me being demanding!

cant believe how manic i used to be! =D

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