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Day 37 of Methadone

Jun 15, 2010 - 2 comments

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Well I can tell you up tell the last 2 days, I have felt way to Over whelmed and Have wanted to find away to get away from things. So what I found to work the Best for me is to be alone. I also have found the last couple of days that I'm been working at being Okay with ware I'm at in life and the things I need to do to get better in my life and make my life and the ones around me life's better.

So me feeling better is One Big Plus and Working on my own personal self is just about the Best Idea I have had In a Long time. Hey Maybe its the first Idea that I really have had. I'm also starting a New Hobie, which is taking Photo's..My husband already does this but I'm just starting and I will try and Post what I do, But I do find it hard to post on this site and I have a ton of troubles on here, Like not being able to write my friends personal Notes or Messages or Post on my own site...Let alone someone else..I think it has something to do with our hook up to the DSL...We have not changed companys and we use to run more computers in our home so whats the deal.

Anyway I'm  Off the Methadone and Onto Life and I'm so happy to say this, I know I have a lot of  work a head of me  you know after the Months of Laying down on chemo and years of pain that I used Methadone for. I'm starting to feel so much more and I have to say I'm still not easy with it yet. I also find myself to myself more often then openly talking to anyone. Even my Husband...Which is not something that I do often , He is the Only one I want to talk to.

But to feel this way to feel Hopeful and to feel alive today. To feel a bit of Okay...Life's okay things are going to be okay...So I'm super Happy with today Moving along Really well and I did work out also. I have not had Mediation yet..But I did work out and I did sit down here to finish this Journal..

Thank You All for being my friend here and helping me threw each step of the way here...
Loves Rhea

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by jhoffman, Jun 16, 2010
Its always so nice to hear people doing well, and achieving their personal health goals.
best of luck with everything, bless.


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by oompah54, Jun 16, 2010
Hello Rhea. . . It makes me so happy to see you making progress and finding joy and hope in your life again.  You've come a long way baby!!!!  Deb  

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