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how to get fired?? that is the question

Jun 16, 2010 - 25 comments

ugggggggggggggg my job blowsss!....i have been here for a lil under 3 years (the longest in my department).... my mom has worked here for 28 years...they just ordered uniforms, but because i had that day off, they didnt order my shyyyt!... my boss went to the old parts closet and pulled uot some mens large shirts and said "here these will do"...DO I LOOK LIKE A FREAKIN MENS LARGE????.....ummmm no try ladies medium jerk!..... so now i look like a freaking scrub at work too....

i bust my a$$ for these people and they are just rude.... i dont even make double digits,a week, shyt not even an hour, I work from 7 am - 630 pm everyday....WHO DOES THAT????

they want me to do, do , do , do and do some more.... but dont want to give me a raise.

not to mention i am also working in a dental office 28 extra hours a week so i can finish my clinical hours for school (not paid).

IM TIRED!!!!.....I HATE THIS PLACE!........HOW CAN I GET FIRED??...i know getting fired is worse then quitting, but if i quit i wont have a chance of getting unemployment from them.

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442658 tn?1563386491
by merrymaria, Jun 16, 2010
call your boss a freakin A H....sounds like you re too good for the place...good luck turkee...maria

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Jun 16, 2010
thanks....that sounds like a great idea!...hahahahahahaha....

184342 tn?1282588750
by tatorbug40, Jun 16, 2010
you might make sure the rules on unemployment,  I am not sure of them myself,  but if you get fired with cause,  that might screw with your unemployment too... again-  not sure-  just saying you might want to look into it first...

I'm pretty unhappy at my job too,  but in todays market,  I am happy to have a job and an income...  but you need to balance your happiness and your financial state yourself....  don't stay if you are that unhappy...  good luck.

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Jun 16, 2010
yea i know unemployment is hard to get but i have never been in trouble, never bene written up about anything...

who knows what im going to do yet lol

145992 tn?1341345074
by mami1323, Jun 16, 2010
Have they changed your job description or demoted you in some capacity?  I once quit because they moved me from an HR position to a Receptionist position and then increased my hours.  They didn't drop my salary but they practically changed my position and it was considered a demotion in job.  I was able to collect unemployment.  Unemployment is not going to be difficult in today's economy, they pretty much give it to anyone.  But some companies put up a fight if they don't want to pay for it.  That would be the only issue you would have.  I wish I could get fired...I'm hating my job right about now.  Actually for the past 2 years.

996699 tn?1447229881
by raquelplus2, Jun 16, 2010
man girl im sorry. i no how much it SUXto hate your job and not get raise or get paid better im in the same boat. i wd jus try n weighj your options out n get more info just to be sure. goodluck!!

Avatar universal
by Clarise73, Jun 16, 2010
Well number one: you could look for a job to replace your job.... that would be the easiest way.  Number two: one of the other users is correct there are conditions for getting fired. Number three if all else fails do the minimum amount you can. But if you really want to tee them off go to HR and complain... that will do the trick they will find something to fire you about.

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Jun 16, 2010
im just so angry... i hate this job... then the hospitals just calls and says i owe 11,000 for that surgery i had??? do i pay my insurance for??... they said the surgery was only like 2,000 and i didnt have to pay that either??..

here i am sitting at my desk crying....wish they would just fire me right now... i would feel a little better then......

how do people pay for medical bills??... im never going to be able to get a new car or apt cause this ******* debt im in now?? cause i HAD to get surgery??......

anyone have a gun?...please??

145992 tn?1341345074
by mami1323, Jun 16, 2010
Call up the hospital and ask for a payment plan.  They will take the minimum monthly amount that you can pay.  Whether it be $20.00.  Do you get health insurance?  I would question why you have to pay that much for the surgery.  

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Jun 16, 2010
i have health insurance.....its bs.... i cant get a hold of anyone from the benefits deptartment, of course.....imma blow something up soon....

145992 tn?1341345074
by mami1323, Jun 16, 2010
Relax...don't go  I know how you feel, I am still paying off my doctor from when I gave birth to Jay 2 1/2 years ago.  It's frustrating.  Keep trying and call your insurance company up, see what they say.  

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by pharma9, Jun 16, 2010
Think positive...You have a job and because you are still going to school it looks like this job is only temporary till you graduate.
There are better things ahead.
Try to see the best in your job and make the best of it and things will look up.
I am sure you work with a lot of nice people and try to see the good..not the bad.

Avatar universal
by run4you, Jun 16, 2010
That *****. I would not want to work at a job where I was unappreciated.
I do have some advice on the unemployment. My husband is a store manager, and their company fights almost every unemployment claim and wins. You have to be fired without reason to receive benefits. If your company has a legal department, that's a big sign they will do everything they can to not pay unemployment, and you'd have to have a really good case to get anything.
I have about $15k in medical bills, also from surgeries that were necessary (and couldn't wait)... ugh. It is awful knowing that my family is in huge debt because my body won't hold up like everyone else's. It doesn't seem fair.
Hang in there. Everything works out in the end... even if right now it's a mess.

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Jun 16, 2010
OK so i just talked to the insurance people and that lady i talked to b4  wasnt reading it correctly, or just doesnt know wtf she was doing (almost went thru the damn phone after her) the surgery cost 11k (HOLY CRAP!!!!!!).. but my 20% is only $800..phewwwwww!

yea i know all jobs try and fight it. i have seen them do it a few times and win, but they had good reason, people just not showing up = job abandonment

i will suck it up for right now until i get totally sick of it... plus i think teh dental office is going to hire me =).....the day is getting better..... now all i need is food

Avatar universal
by VicUser, Jun 16, 2010
I have a half of subway sandwich left. Turkey on honey oat with pepperjack cheese, tomato, lettuce, extra Jalapenos and mayo, lol

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Jun 16, 2010
hahahaha send it on over.......yummmmmmmmmy

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by SeriousSam, Jun 16, 2010
How will whatever you do to get fired there affect your mom since she will be left in the aftermath?  I assume your original recommendation came from her?

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Jun 16, 2010
yea but i believe she wouldnt be affected, she is the only one is her department and they need her.....

they know im not a lifer here... i just finished college, so hopefully thye dont think that... cause its deff not the case...

189897 tn?1441126518
by Sandman2, Jun 16, 2010
   Another thought is to ask your boss for a job recommendation.  Let them know that you are looking for another job.  Don't say much more than that.  Since I doubt that they can make your day any worse, they just might try and make it better.  Who knows they might get ticked off and fire you?
   The cardinal rule though is never to burn bridges behind you.  You will also find it easier to find a new job while you are still employed.

Avatar universal
by yaseen229, Jun 16, 2010
you will get every things at ones .easy with hard try step by step to find a good job  but  dont leave your job

973741 tn?1342342773
by specialmom, Jun 16, 2010
I think that I'd start the job search as well.  I don't know if I'd let my boss know because for many peole that is the kiss of death.  If they are jerks before they know you are looking for work elsewhere . . . they aren't too sweet once they know you are going to be gone soon.  I say that not taking into account that maybe he'd not want to lose you and sweeten the pot.  So you have to think of what kind of guy he is and how your company reacts when people leave.

But I'd get out a pad of paper and make some notes to yourself about what you might want to do next and how you can get there.  Brain storm.  Then get a plan together and start working on it.  That gives the power back to you.  

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Jun 16, 2010
you guys are the best....


1420486 tn?1384793153
by blondie717, Aug 29, 2010
Reading ur post made me feel great, your too funny. Maybe you should look into comedy

675347 tn?1365460645
by ginger899, Aug 29, 2010
In England getting fired for the wrong reasons(!) can mess with unemployment benefit payments and they can refuse to give it to you. I don't know if that's the same in your State, but check that out first!!! Throwing in the job....likewise.

Maybe the best plan is to keep on serious look-out for a nicer job, while sticking it out where you are. You never know, a new job might come along very soon. I'd give that idea a whirl....

784382 tn?1376931040
by turkee23, Sep 01, 2010
ya know blondie i always wanted to stand up. i seem to be the one that always has everyone cracking up, without even trying. i just have that quick slick mouth and it makes people laugh =)......

this journal was old and actually  they ended up callin me on my day off and sayin they were getting rid of my position (how you get  fired on your day off???...hahahah) so i filed for unemployment and got approved and i collected about 2 weeks and started working. so in the end it was alot of work and calls and all that for a 2 week if there is a next time i will make sure im out of work for a while before i file.

i was in school and externing (working for free) with a dentist for about 3 months and they had hired me like 2 weeks after i was let go so it all worked out in the end......

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