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Cleaning house

Jun 16, 2010 - 2 comments

  I hate to say it but i let the house get messy. Oh well, now i am going to spend all day making it shine. Can't wait till hubby comes home with Boo and gets to see that not only did i clean but i organized as well. I better find some good music to play though or all he is gonna find is me comatose on the floor LOL. I wish i was one of those women who enjoyed cleaning things. That is so unfair! Is that normal lol? Anywayz, i find that if i get into a routine i CAN kinda get into it. But keeping a routine with our life is like asking a kangaroo not to jump lol. Anywayz, just wanted to write and be silly for a minute. The dishes and laundry are calling my name!

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by RawCore, Jun 17, 2010
I hate cleaning and still love to see the house clean lol ... ironic oxymoron! Good that here we can hire maids and they can come daily or weekly to clean the house. The West I believe is not so fortunate in this case.

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by Faylew1012, Jun 17, 2010
You guys hire maids to clean your house? Wow, lol, Never had a maid in my life. I do everything myself. With, pretty much, no help. We have a 3 bedroom so its not a quick job.

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