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wednesday over the hump?wishing & hoping

Jun 16, 2010 - 0 comments










been having the back pain so I went to urologist today.ordered a scan,sweet guy I told him whats been going on and he kept saying "oh my goodness"when I went to check out 3 girls working behind the desk.was standing there 10 min.then 1 looked up and says"I'll be with you"uh huh,7minutes later I asked can't you call with time of scan,etc?she says no,I felt weak in the knees from yesterday prob.and kinda nauseated so I said,"I gotta throw up,the other girl says"theres a BR in the hall"walked my *** out.
thats my big deal for today,except was real weak this evening and back pain continues,we'll see what that is though.feeling better cut my dose down ,nite!
oh,plz pray I sleep,thx Jesus

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