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Itchy legs

Jun 17, 2010 - 3 comments




Last night when I went to bed I laid there for Bout 20 min, thinking to myself, and then out of no where my legs started to itch, terribly. So bad that it kept me from sleeping! I didn't go to sleep until somwhere aroung three A.M. and now my leg are still itching terribly. I have tried everything! A bath to scrub them I used the same soap I always do, lotion afterwords, didn't help, so I put calamine lotion of them and that did not help so I decided to put aloe gel on them because it helps sunburn itching... I have had this before and it last for like a week and is very, very, annoying and then it's very hard to get any work done !!

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by Carollyn1616, Jun 17, 2010
Hello there! I know how you feel! I have had screwy skin issues for as long as I can remember. I've seen dermatologists, allergists, and the whole nine. Anyway, after trying dozens of remidies, believe it or not, I found a simple, over-the-counter medication that works. It's "Cortizone 10 Easy Relief with Aloe". It's only like 7 bucks for a tube and it dabs on kind of like an antiperspirant. Give it a try- it worked for me. Also, definitely DON'T scrub or use sanything harsh. Get some Dove sensitive bosy wash and use that for a while. Also, try to avoid shaving your legs. You may have dermatitis and shaving will only make it worse. Hope you feel better!

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by Jay_jay95, Jun 18, 2010
thank you i'll try that!

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by dhuie, Dec 12, 2013
My legs are worse at night when they get hot. I got lost in a forest in New Zealand about 10 years ago 24 hours and My legs got badly scratched from the brambles when trying to find my way out. TYhey told me that the bush had been sprayed with chemicals to keep possums at bay and I was referred to a doctor who prescribed anti biotics and told me not to fly back to U.K. for a week. My legs were crusty and scarred for some time. I wonder if this has any bearing on my itchy legs now?

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