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Hey Me and My Phobia's are going out.

Jun 17, 2010 - 2 comments







dealing with anxiety

Well I will make this a Fast Note..I'm tired again today and I had to take More Anxieties Meds today to get out of the house. Makes me wounder if my Period is Coming. I just started having them again. And I have only had a couple and just got over one about 2 weeks ago.
Anyway I feel up tight to go out and yet I do want to..And I'm wondering if many people feel this way with getting Clean of Methadone? Do all are Phobias and Anxieties and such come out of ones' body...Well I should post that question    

Well I will write when I get back
thanks all

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by oompah54, Jun 18, 2010
Hello Rhea . . . Was just wondering how you did getting out of the house.  Small steps my friend . . .small steps.  So you've started getting periods again.  Makes me wonder if part of your mood swings have anything to do with change of life.  My GYN put me on a very low dose (10mg) of Paxil daily to help with my mood swings.  This was two years ago and I still take the same dose.  

My pain management doctor started my on neurotnin yesterday and I've only had one dose (last night) and I feel like I'm in a fog.  To make things worse, this medicine makes you gain weight.  Believe me when I say that if any medication can make you gain weight . . . I WILL GAIN.  

Just like you, I'm just trying to find something that works for me.  Hope things continue to get better for you.  Your friend,  Deb

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by ladyrhea4, Jun 20, 2010
Dearest Deb,
I'm sorry I did not see that you had wrote..I did pretty good I will be doing a Journal on it and I have some other stuff to write about. Does Everyone get this way when they get off of the drugs? And I don't know what I'm going to do for my pain. I need to go see my M.D. but it is hard when you don't want to go anywhere.  I have Anxieties and Phobia's before the Long term Use of Methadone..

It just feels like all my feelings are just being to sensitive for ever emotion out there. I'm overly sensitive write now. And I have found that these feels all came around strong when I got off the Methadone..So why is that?

So I think I have told you that I have a Wedding coming up and over 150 people have said they will be coming. Its Crazy but I can't not go so its jumping into the frying Pan...
I will write more to you later. And I'm going to pop over to your site and leave you a Message to let you know I wrote you back on this post. Thanks allot Deb..You are a Big Help Honey

xoxox Rhea  

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