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I gave in

Aug 06, 2008 - 4 comments




I was 2 weeks clean and gave in to will power today and took 6 lortabs :( I'm feeling disappointed in myself and am wondering if i will ever be able to kick this habit

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by vix_72, Aug 06, 2008
Its ok dont be hard on yourself... just start again when your ready no-one has ever got clean on there first attempt... just dont give up good luck... YES you wll get there....

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by cathy5841, Aug 06, 2008
of course you will get there as long as you keep one ever failed trying....figure out wheat triggered you to use today and avoid it in the future.  where did you get the of the first things you gotta do is cut out all supplies...street or doctors....if an addict has access to pills they will eventually use them...addiction will trick ya into it.  next thing is are you getting any aftercare...getting clean is the easy part its staying clean that takes work....have you tried NA?  it is great or gotta get the tools needed to stay clean....good luck and if you need to chat let me know...

340590 tn?1290955741
by cathy5841, Aug 06, 2008
p. s. kat, i just saw you are from baton am i!!!!

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by joann1975, Aug 06, 2008
Don't be so hard on yourself... I know this is tough it really is! But beating yourself up doesn't fix it. Just start back over. You can do this! It's hard to learn how to totally relive life you know? But you are going to get there!

Good Luck...I know you can do this!!!


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