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Was it the Flu?

Aug 06, 2008 - 0 comments

I think I had the 48 hour flu. I spent all day Monday not being able to keep anything down and Tuesday with a slight temp, chills/hot flashes, etc. I am beginning to feel better today, but still find my tummy is very queasy. I have been a bit more irritable the last few days too, more than likely because I didn't feel so well. I have also noticed that my bb's are alot more tender over the last few days and my skin is breaking out again. So, my hormones are all out of whack as always with being pg. I am hoping for fewer throw up sessions seeing as I have only gained about 2 lbs so far. Where did the honeymoon phase of this pregnancy go? I am definitely growing in the belly, so I know my little sprout is doing okay. But the food aversions, vomiting, etc just has not subsided yet. To be honest, I cannot wait until the day when it is only heartburn keeping me from eating a full meal.

Update August 7, 2008 - Most definitely the 24-48 hour flu. My 17 year old sister is down visiting and last night when I got home, she said she had not been able to keep anything down all day. She seems to be doing a bit better today. Maybe I was the lucky one that had to suffer for 48 hours due to our pregnancy hormones messing with our immunity.

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