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Jun 19, 2010 - 0 comments

OPKs still not looking like i hoped so. But at least i am somewhere near to ovulating right?!!

I'm going to start taking bets, CD18 for me! If i had my pessimistic face on, I'd say CD22 like it was last cycle, but pessimism never did anyone any good.

June has been a good month, I've been begging for the end of uni, and its finally here (wont feel over until i get my marks and go to luton uni for the last time ever!) and I've filled my days with working full time at my job and with photography work.

It's been a financially sour month, but it's payday next Friday, and i'm counting down the days!

I really want to conceive this month: thats what my head is saying. My brain is saying, wait until after christmas...but you know what?? Sometimes you have to listen to your heart, especially when it's been telling you something for a year already.

But hey, there's always next month...thats the motto, right girls?!!

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