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Aug 17, 2016 - 4 comments

oops i forgot that top jimmy said to be positive and optimistic.


I bet the Recent Activity will resume soon!


ok no sike

i am happy to report that


right Keith?

oh.  oops

but she is mad (very angry, very very angry)  what's the combo to make a musical note, jbaby?


i mean, i realized today that when i say "fukk" alls the time, it sound like im angry

im not angry

i just like the word 'fukk'

well, maybe i am angry.  but not AS angry as i used to be.  right?

definitely not as angry at my mh exes

shut up Meegy!

ok.  if you put it that way.

but yeah i have spressed some of my anger
and at my Sati meeting last week the laydeez had these angry tips like:

1.  get all the tupperware in your kitchen, go into your bedroom and shut the door, and throw the fukk out of it against every um (hard) surface you can think of!

2.  don't be nasty, mh

3.  another idea was .... i can't remember  ... wait

4.  idk ... it makes me angry that i can't remember.  sike.  not sike.  1, 2 ,3 not it not it not it!



it wasn't about pillows

dirty pillows (pjh)

ok so lessee ... Roberta

YES its true i have nothing betters to talk about!  pobrecita

so ima try make it a lil story

OK so we all pitched in and got Tbams house cleaners to come today it is SO CHOICE it looks great.  my bathroom was getting really grody and i almost slipped and killed myself in the shower and had to have like, all my hips replaced--



ok not true.  but don't you, i mean, when you wash your feet, don't you have to hold your foot in your hand so you can let the shower run on it?

Meegy really tmi




it's like shower yoga

i aint slipped!

ima get some a those little rubber stickers you put on the floor of the shower ... like flowers and stuff.  dope

where was I?

oh yes, Roberta

so, i come home to the house cleaners ... which is awesome ... and we bof thought they'd be done by 4 but nope (they come at 1) so we hung out in our respective rooms ....

i was like ' I am just going to AST Roberta if she angry or upset!'  dammit!

so i was alls set to ax her after the cleaning ppl left, and she came loping into the kitchen ... ok she dont lope bc she weigh like 3 pounds and she is the Most Fit 46 yo On the Planet.  seriously.   she is like, leaning to one side and wrestling with this thing that looks like one of those bullet proof vests?  ya.  but its not.  its a neck brace.

I was just about to tell her she was a pain in the neck.


not really funi Meegy



so she is struggling (i dint offer to helps bc she Dont Takes Help!) (she say she aint a addik but i beg to differ( (::beggging::)  puh leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez 16!

um  just foolin around

i aint even had to ast.  She just start biching.

"oh my neck blah blah blah blah blah chiropractor today its worse than its ever ben in my life i took so many opiate pills back in the day that i was at prekidney failure [see?????  addik]  wanna see my x rays?"

Not particularly Roberta.

"Look!  i have a 89 degree pull to the wrong side " or something and there another problem too

fukkin prollem


so i was sympathetic outwardly and inwardly i was just scoffing and making fun of her.

i know. its ok ill do a living amens.  later

so ya

she went to the Obama doctor where she had to wait a millin years (sound familiar?  and who cared when Meegy came back dehydrated starved and with waitingatthedoctorstoolong syndrome?  that's right!  NObody)  and then the dr whipped in and out so fast she sprained her neck again trying to keep sight of her


really mean, Meegy.

sorry.  she dint sprain her neck, i made that up ok????  jeez

she is like 'my neck is the worst its ever been wanna see my Xrays?"  (yes she said that ALL again!  ok she didn't)  "my whole arm is numb and i can't feel my face"  (she dint say the last thing either but its a weekend song and i like it and drake stole it and--_

no im not using.  im just cited.  excited that is.

idk why.  jist inna good moodski


i have JUNK FOOD



so turns out this HOLE time the pass 2 day Roberta in a snit ok WAY more than a snit so she kick the poor dog (ima call CPS on her)  and keep telling the doges "get OUT of the fukking kitchen!"

pretty soon ima kick *Roberta* and tell HER to get out the daim kitchen!

someone's in the kitchen with Meegy

(musical note)

and it ain 16!


on the kitchen counter, baby

16, that is NOT Roberta GOD NO

but um  ya

itll never happen


ok ima post this and maybe rite more

sorry if i was nasty




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by gnarly_1, Aug 17, 2016
great rant!!!!!

1742220 tn?1331356727
by meegWpaw, Aug 17, 2016

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by Jade59, Aug 18, 2016
I agree with Mark, love this!!!  (I couldn't help myself there, it just came out!...loll)

Musical notes 101...    Alt 13...♪   OR   Alt 14...♫

Love you Meegy, sleep tight!  ♥

1742220 tn?1331356727
by meegWpaw, Aug 18, 2016
Haha you're funi jada!  So nice to see this and ty for the note/s loll.  Nitenite sweetheart.  Be good to you xxxx

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