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evil carbs

Aug 17, 2016 - 4 comments

omg i just saw the prettiest green sheer just past the knee length dress in the sidebar ... ::wishing i had money::

someday Meegykins.

so check this spit:

when tbam ax me if i want to rent a room in her houset i say ONLY if i can have the room with the connek bathroom.  Bc I pee like 500,000 x a day.  i know, overshare.  but you have to unnerstan.  MORE than anyone else on mh ok?  really

i am personally responsible for depletion of the water table in CA

but i like wood better anyways

TABLES!  gah mh don't be nasty!


and then Beck came home and i ate some of his fruit.

Omg im so sorry

well i did!

he said "want a apple slice?"  (slicet i should call it)

and i say ya

and you know those Environmental Hemp Eating Green Twins No Gluten Organic Market on the Brain (i said BRAIN not brains!  jeez mh!  keep your mind out of the gutter!) (hype)(sike)  HA HA


not like Food For Less bottom of the barrel (literally) old looking sorry looking fruit all bruised up and NOT from role play!

um.  hi




its so sad   ::sniffle::

but I shan't fret over it!  I'll think about it tomorrow, Melanie!!!!!!  (gone with the wind reference)


just in case you dint know so youll know how cool i really am

don't you know who i AM?


really im not using.  

just feel good and more happier than usual

even though i might have no job afters tomorrow.  :(

but i prefer to remain on The Nile about that

then, when i was in the kitchen making rice--  ricet

wait, back up a minit

first before Beck came home i was tryin to be nice to Roberta and i was going out to 7-11 (yes i did go in my pajamas ... but they're really cute pajamas, those striped clingy pants i put a pitcher of them a long times ago) and i go,  ever so casually,

"Want some junk food?  I'm going to the store."

she goes "Junk food?"  like i just said "do you want some rat poison"

i said "yep!"

she go "no"

have it your way, CrankyPants

ok then when i comes home im makin rice as i sed bc i hadn't feel good and i needed some comfort food.  just so you know ive been religious about that veggie and chicken thing Every Day for like 5 months ... ok almost every day ... im so sick of it  (and btw Roberta began to lecture me today about why eating meat and chicken protein is bad for you bc your body only process something something and the rest is turned into fat or something IDK good LORD Roberta!  what CAN i eat according to you?  be nicet, Meegy.  ok)  but today i wanted rice.  it was really good too.  and i ate it with cut up CHICKEN in it!

so afters i ate Beck's fruit (i said fruit not FRUIT of the looms GAH mh behave yourselfs!)  Roberta say "hey Beck i can make you some dinner is you just going to eat apples for dinner?"  (he's even skinnier than she is belee it or not)

he said "maybe, it is and nope you dont have to cook but i appreciate the offer"

and i go

"hey if either of you want some Evil Carbs [yes i really sed this]  there's a lot of rice here help yourselves"

and they both go, almost shouting, almost in unison, "NO THANKS"



to Meegy


we're not worthy!

so ya and then Beck goes,

"Arent you going out tonight Roberta?  I thought you'd be getting ready to go by now"


she's going to see some awful noisy metal garbage can clanging punk band that i am WAY TOO UNCOOL to even have heard of

ok i need to take a lil break

maybe ill be bak not sure

i love you mh!

even if your nasty a lot of the time



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242912 tn?1402543492
by Jade59, Aug 18, 2016

1742220 tn?1331356727
by meegWpaw, Aug 18, 2016
I love you jada

242912 tn?1402543492
by Jade59, Aug 18, 2016
I love you more Meegy xo

317787 tn?1473358451
by Dee1956, Aug 18, 2016
OOOH I love to see dresses, all I get is junk ads. Oh I see, I am getting ads for protein since I am always looking.
You did mention you needed some new clothes, yeah that will make me paranoid haha
How is everyone today?
It's another hot day in paradise LOL
Awful storms last night, it sounded like there was a train running right outside my window.
A roof blew off an apt complex in DC
I know...I'm boring, just wanted to send up a flare to say I am stil here
still hanging tough

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