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Anyone who suffers from PVC's, there is support!!

Jun 19, 2010 - 3 comments

Hello all, it has been awhile since i last wrote an entry, but now that I have some great news for all the people who suffer from PVC's and feel like there is no hope, I'm currently in a working progress with some other people who also suffer from this condition in hopes of maybe opening up some doors down the road to finding a cure for this problem. Im in touch with my EP specialist, and he and another specialist would be more than willing to do some posts and put there info on what they think of the condition and some steps that might help to reduce the amount some people have to deal with daily. I have now had two ablations for PVC's, which is rare to ablate for these things in the first place, but the many thousands of you can all say that this is arrythmia is horrible and hard to deal with daily when your very symptomatic. I just want to raise some awareness and reach for help and hope we can get enough positive energy to someday make a difference. When I have my website up and running, I will post the link on here and all is welcome to come check it out and join. I will also offer other awareness for other arrythmia's and hope to have some of the people affected by them that help and chat here, come over there too. Its been 5 months of very hard work, and I hope you all can enjoy this site soon. I will post a link in time to come.


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1355848 tn?1281992040
by bird58, Aug 16, 2010
sounds great and should be so helpful for those of us with this particular issue!  

i am 1 1/2 weeks post pvc ablation and my pvc's have dropped considerably.  when i wore the holter moniter for 24 hours it recorded 20,000 per 24 hours.  i didn't even have a break during the very few hours i slept.  my ep said the most he's ever had recorded was 30,000 to 40,000 in a 24 hour period.  i was so uncomfortable and could feel every single bi and trigeminy i had.  since the ablation i have a handful here and there, still feeling very, very exhausted and as they went in on both sides of my groin and in several places on each i am still bruised and sore.  i had awful low back pain for about 4 days and even required morphine during the 6 hours of flat on my back recovery just after the procedure.  they did raise me to 30 degrees for the last 2 hours but it was the worst part of the procedure i think.  i was in and out during the procedure unlike when i had my angiogram done 2 weeks prior to that.  i have a follow-up tomorrow with my ep and have many questions for him.  hope i never have to go back on the mexiletine again, that was awful made me feel so anxious and uncomfortable, it did slow my pvc's down somewhat but it was so hard on my system!

i am very hopeful but not unrealistic about my recovery, which there was a magic bullet that's for sure!

1355848 tn?1281992040
by bird58, Sep 22, 2010
been 6 weeks now since my abalation.  felt pretty good the first 3 weeks but am experiencing pvc's again on a semi-regular basis. hopeful that a 2nd ablation isn't necessary.

704329 tn?1518526698
by kane3, May 30, 2011
Hey there, have you ended up with a 2nd ablation now? How are things?

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