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Jun 20, 2010 - 0 comments

really weak OPK today...I cannot remember if I tested a few dyas ago...i did, right?? I seem to remember writing about it on here to someone!! i will have to look again, but i have a feeling I must have ovulated CD15. Would make sense as thats exactly the time when my hormones started to go crazy and I was shouting at everyone and everything haha. Was having some cramps yday and today unless this is an off test then I guess I missed it!

Hopefully this is a good thing, means I ovulated when I should have done. Will test again tomorrow (will be weird taking one to work with me!) just to be sure!

Was expecting a darker test today, but hey, at least it looks like I missed it I didn't want to be CD22 again.

(will prob BD tonight and tomorrow, just so we're in with a weak chance) :P

Saving myself 10 OPKs this month then maybe, whOOt =-]

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