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Jun 20, 2010 - 2 comments

so im not feeling like sh*t next day after E much these past few weeks.. Im Eating the next day also . not as much but i do atleast. hahah ,. eum headaches i still get it but not massive ones. no night sweats . Blue monkeys are good. white hornets not sure if imma do those again .. might but not 2 at a time. I had a fun week/weekend. Kinda had more fun doing E than drinking. yesterday reminded me why i hate it. Puked ! gross haha . maybe i did puke because i dint drink for a while.. like really really drink . :P i was quite waisted . But over all . its good.. fathers day today. was suposed to drop  by my gramas for super. with the dad there. but hes not been much of a dad to me ever !. so why should i be a daughter. only wants me around when hes sober & thats never.

Peace out .

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by izgubljena, Jul 18, 2010
yeah my father is like that too...another person when he's sober and when he's drunk. blue monkeys sound nice. red pentagrams even better. and pink dolphins...brrr...i have to stop,your post brought me into a state of melancholia...hehe .good luck bbe

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by ShareBearx, Jul 27, 2010
Hahaha yeah my dad drinks alot . & i know he does other drugs my mom told me . but he never told me the truth.... never tryed the red pentagrams or pink dolphins :O hehe . i dont like the blue triangles if ever you try those haha . tell me what you think . i like pink lips & orange stars. there awesome . if you take a pink lip. than a lil later take an orange star. your buzz is so awesome haha . thanks for the luck haha . havint really been taking it chill lately... i went 5 days no e the last week. & got really really sick ! it sucked !

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