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June 21 cd 17

Jun 21, 2010 - 0 comments



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CD 17- So got a Voicemail Friday from RE's office. Nurse saying she didn't think RE would run the additional labs so I gotta call this morning to convince them I guess.. If not and they say NO then I'm calling my normal OBGYN and ask them to run it.. E2 on CD2 & CD 21 progestrone. Going to get it one way or another. If i'm going to spend another $1.000. then I'd like to knwo we have a real shot at it working and that there is no other underlying issues..

CD 17- Talked to Beth my fertility Cord and she is making sure we do the full LAB work up again on CD 2 including Ovarian reserve testing... She totally understood and wants us to feel at ease so gotta call on CD 1 when AF first peeks her ugly head.. Beth says some of the test wont be back till after CD5 so if we want to wait till next cycle to do IUI she would understand. I said no we can go ahead and if we gotta cancel due to something that comes back then we cant do that. I dont want to wait another month. Hoping and praying for AF to get here SOON but I am pretty sure she wont show up on CD24 because I'm spotted a bit longer this month anf I bet I didn't "O" till CD 13 or 14 instead of CD11 like normal

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