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OK Up date on Going to Ceramics

Jun 21, 2010 - 1 comments

went out


Anxiety Disorder





Hey All,
I did go and I had a Good time. It had it Moments of wanting to go and then to top it off I will have to see if there is a different place to sit next time because the Air Brushes have New lines and it blew cold air on my leg the whole time and it made me in pain.
But I did it and I was invited to go tonight but I really don't like Mondays and I have so much stuff coming up I'm not sure if I will go. I kind of want to at the same time I want to hang out with my husband who is home for the week.
But the Up side is I went now to keep it up.
And I can tell everyone I was out side a little bit today. About 20 Mins and I drove me and My Daughter to the Dairy Queen to get Fast food for Lunch and brought it back home.
So I did those 2 things. I want to get out of the House a little bit more today and I have to go to the SSI office tomorrow and I have to go to the Bank.
So I do have days of lots to do..And I have to help Clean out the Camper, which is a good thing because I will get out side again.
I will try to post sooner to those of you who are watching for My up date.
Thanks again everyone...
loves and hugs Rhea

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by 29sillygirl, Jun 21, 2010
Two things are excellent, Rhea:).  Cleaning out the camper may not sound like a great thing to do for those who don't suffer from an anxiety disorder.  But we know that is another big plus for you!

Don't fret about responding to us.  We know you have a wedding coming up; then the camping...

Well done on the ceramic outing.  Remember, whatever it is........the victory is just getting there, and seeing it through.

As far as keeping it up...the ceramics I assume....relax: if it is not really something you love doing....don't.  I try to keep focused on doing things I love to do, but couldn't because of the agoraphobia.  The getting out is very good from the standpoint of the more you do....the easier it gets.  My opinion based on my journey.

Carry on girl.  We are here anytime you feel like talking.

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