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Visit from the Paramedics.

Jun 22, 2010 - 0 comments





Blood Pressure



My first experince on Cymbalta has been memerable, Im up and down like a yoyo, i feel okay for 20 mins (no brain for ALL day) and then poof i wanna vomit, i cant stop trembling and my face is on fire with pins and needles. I took a xanax to try to help it BUT THAT WAS VERY VERY WRONG!! My whole body went of fire and i swore to god i was gonna die. The Paramedics come, my heartbeat was only at 125, blood pressure was up, but i wasnt havent a alergic reaction, just looks like another side affect i got is MORE anxiety. Oh well its only day 1, lets see how ill sleep tonight and what tomorrow dose is gonna do to me!

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