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Jun 25, 2010 - 0 comments

Weight Loss

It's been a hard week. My husband has been working a different schedule all week, so our normal routines haven't been happening. I'm tired of waiting to start.. I'm tired all the time, and tired of looking at myself overweight. I lost 50 lbs after the birth of my son (from the weight I was at full term). Though I was far from the 'ideal weight guidelines' I felt really good, tons of energy to play with my son and I was proud of how I looked. When I got pregnant with my daughter I swore that I was going to stay active and lose the weight after her too. Well, she is a year old. I didn't stay active for her pregnancy and had a pretty hard postpartum leaving me terribly weak... so nope, I didn't stay active :( I did lose everything but that extra 20 lbs that I had lost prior to getting pregnant with her, but oh how I wish that 20 was gone too!
So tomorrow starts my new life. It is the beginning of a four day weekend with my husband and kids, we have decided to start getting up early and getting out on our bikes! The goal is two hours a day.. ok is that completely crazy? We have been riding sporadically here and there. I even rode a couple weeks ago with the kids in the trailer all the into town, 8.5 miles in total and we really had a good time.. though that last little bit was pretty much hell! So 40 lbs by December! I'm going to put an exclamation point, not a question mark like I started to do...
40 POUNDS BY DECEMBER..... here I go :)

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