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Symptoms excalated had 3rd MRI

Jun 25, 2010 - 2 comments

Well i have had my 3rd MRI and i go for my LP on the 14th July.

I now appear to have shooting pains in my legs and pain in my eye like a stabbing pain. I never usually get headaches but think ive had one every day for week or more.  My fingers hurt even on opposite hand ( right hand )

I am mentally and physically fatigued about 3 days out of 7.

The pain in the back of my head feels like its going to explode any time this scares me. I also have chest pain now but not all thhe time like a spasm tightness between my breasts. but this goes off as quick as it arrives.

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by niki3350, Jul 21, 2010
Hi Jan

Like you I am still undiagnosed with anything and like you I have severe pain in right eye,feels like someone is stabbing a hot poker into my eye and turning it around,

I also have crush type feeling in chest, awful pain in my legs and ankle, really horrible sensations that go through my body, I am totally unbalanced most of the time and spend my life feeling like I have drank 2 bottles of wine.

I sometimes loose my fine motor skills in my right hand and cant write or use scissors and at the moment if I sit on the floor I cant get up without rolling onto my side and heaving myself up!!

To date neg brain mri not done under ms protocol. neg ver and still waiting for LP results from beginning of may.

I see we live close by I'm in Cheshire and have had all my test done at N.Staffs.

Is this where you go.  My neuro is based there and at Leighton hospital in Crewe, this is where my appointments to see Dr Davies are held.  

I find him totally uninterested in my symptoms and all he is bothered about are my very mild headaches I get??????

Sod them but please take my pain seriously I feel like telling him!!!!!!!

Where do you go for testing and who do you see.

Glad yr LP went ok, mine was awful they had difficulty getting needle in and I had 14 failed attempts on 15th the managed it
I was black and blue and had to have 4 days off work due to pain it caused me.

Would like to stay in touch

hope yr treatment improves and have you tried Nytol one a night to help you sleep, they help me as like you I have difficulty sleeping.

Take care and hope to hear from you soon

Hugs niki x x x

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by janbubears, Jul 21, 2010
Hi Niki
So so sorry u goin through this crap excuse me language.

I am quite surprised re; Dr davies because apparently he is the only one who specialises in MS.  I am under Dr Ellis i have all tests etc done at the North staffs.

I find Dr Ellis very straight forward calls a spade a spade.. but quite thorough in investigating you.

Ask to be refered to him if your not happy ask your GP you have a right to do that say your not comortable with answers and treatment or lack of it with dr davies..  

My sister runs the private rooms for all consultants at the nuffield in clayton newcastle under lyme everyone holds dr ellis in high regard  xxx private e mail me if u like      ***@****

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