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Erectile dysfunction: effective drugs

Jun 26, 2010 - 1 comments



ed drugs






erectile dysfunction

In most cases, which are described by the words "sexual impotence", in scientific terms, we talk about erection disorders or erectile dysfunction. This term describes a condition when a man cannot achieve an erection of such a level that would give him an opportunity to make a full sexual intercourse. Problems of erectile dysfunction may occur to a man of any age, but it is particularly annoying, when it catches up with a young man of childbearing age.

However, if we speak about older men, disorders of this kind are often taken for irreversible age-related changes. But in fact, they are disposable at almost any age. And the use of special preparations is one of the most common ways to treat them. Viagra is the most famous of them. However, today scientists have developed and successfully use Cialis, Levitra and other drugs of similar purpose. Not surprisingly, the question of where to buy these pills excites many men, as well as women. Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are based on the same principle. Under the influence of substances included in their composition, muscles of the corpora cavernosa of the penis are relaxed, which allows blood flowing to it.

Namely blood flow is the basis of an erection. The peculiarity of application of drugs for potency lies in the fact that they act selectively only at the site of the body, where their action is necessary and not affect other organs and systems. Erection dysfunction pills are designed both for those who suffer from agenesis from time to time, and those who have problems of disorders in the intimate sphere regularly. One can take these drugs arbitrarily long; they do not cause physiological addiction.

Adverse effects of their admission are few, but those who decided to buy generic Viagra for the first time should necessarily read about them.

Many people, reading numerous ads offering to buy Cialis cheap prices or buy Viagra drug online, ask the question: Do these drugs differ from each other, and if so, what are their differences? Features of Viagra, which is currently the most studied of all drugs of this spectrum, is the fact it should be taken no later than 1 hour before sexual intercourse, and one should better to abstain from fatty foods before its consumption. Levitra 10mg, like a more modern drug, can be taken even 15 minutes before sexual intercourse - in this case it can exert its effect, and the duration will be slightly longer than Viagra effect. Cialis 10mg helps forgetting about erectile dysfunction problems for 36 hours - as practice shows, this is more than enough to have a great weekend. So, today impotence really ceased being a problem, and almost every man can deal with it.

You can buy Levitra, Cialis or Viagra without prescription. But it is still better to consult with a specialist, who will help choosing the drug to your maximum benefit. In addition, the doctor will help determining a dose, which may fairly differ, depending on a patient’s health peculiarities.

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by disectedhero, Jun 26, 2010
My dr tells me to break my Levitra in half and take the one half of pill 1 hour before sex. It is not working at all. She is out of town for a while so I am unclear if I should take the whole pill or not.

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