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Sep 12, 2016 - 0 comments

Just thought I'd add a real quick update on me..

I am working and have been for the last 6 years at a car dealership selling parts.. when I was growing up if you would asked me where I would be in 20 years I don't think I would of said "working at a car dealership"... but it's honest work.. even though the job ***** and it's depressing it's work and I know many people cannot work or find work so.. that keeps me going.  Although I do feel like moving on job has been pretty bad and to the point where it's miserable..

On my health I found out in 2010 that I am fructose intolerant.. and in 2011 I found out that I'm gluten intolerant...just recently I found out that I cannot have Oats as well... my IBS is a *little* better but I struggle to find fiber foods to eat.. I wish I could eat beans but they contain fructans... so finding sources of fiber is difficult and I'm still battling IBS-C...

Anxiety still gets me.. when people ask me to parties or for a hike I immediately get scared of thinking "where would I go if I needed to go??".  I have dreams of travelling and I do have the money to.. but I'm afraid to... anxiety *****.  I was on antidepressants for a year and felt MUCH better.. but my ability to concentrate was crap.. and I was so carefree I hated it... but I am tempted to go give it another shot.  I have been feeling very blue lately... mostly because I don't have anything to work towards or for..

So that's my story.. I've come a long way - still super single.. but maybe one day I'll find ms. right :)

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