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Lymph nodes in neck - looking for anyone in similar situation!!!

Sep 13, 2016 - 0 comments

Hey guys like a lot of people on here I am going mad with worry about my symptoms and have ended up on here.

My story is u caught what I think was strep throat last August 2015 and I didn't treat it, I then had a bad viral cold which lasted for about 2 months in Nov that year leading to a bad bout of guttate psoriais. Any ways fast forward to spring 2016 I noticed I had one tonsil larger than the other and some swollen glands under my jaw near this tonsil but not on the other side. I waited it out and then caught a BAD case of Tonsilitus on both tonsils and then in summer of this year I caught two mild cases of Tonsilitus again but only on my left side.

Anyways the Tonsilitus has since cleared, but my glands have not gone down and the swelling of my left glands has in fact spread down the left side of my neck and into my clavicle gland on the left side which scares me! Not only this but I also have a stone hard lump in the right side of my neck and however much I try it won't move :( I'm just worried that since the infection has cleared up the swelling of my glands does not seem to be improving and infact spreading and I also have pain in my armpits.

I have had an FBC which all came back fine and an ENT has put me forward for an Fine Needle Biopsy as she thinks I need it to see what shape the glands are? I used to think that this was all due to infection but my glands have been swollen for so long and spreading of swelling is worse I am now doubting it.

Is anyone experiencing or has anyone experienced anything similar? Obviously  I am worried that my glands have been swollen for what seems like months and further more swelling in the clavicle gland (thanks to google) never seems like a good thing not to mention the stone hard gland on the other side of my neck!!
(All the other glands seem quite large but they are rubbery in feeling)

Thanks guys and sorry for the long explanation

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