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Paying for the birthday party

Jun 28, 2010 - 1 comments

Whitney had a great time with her friends on Saturday evening.  I found plenty of games that weren't too active and the girls enjoyed them, but then they kept going up and downstairs, and then wanted to go hike our little trail through the woods.  Whitney was up for it so off they went. The part I went wrong with is letting all of the girls spend the night.  She ended up staying up too late and so yesterday and today she's been feeling yucky.  And MOODY...ugh...she can't walk yet this morning, her chest hurts and her heart..and she doesn't want to go to the doctor...but I think I am going to call anyway...

I've had a fever yesterday and today - I think I have a sinus infection that I don''t want to give her...I need to go to the doctor too...ugh...who has the time or energy???

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by CHRISTYDRAKE, Jun 28, 2010
Sorry you are both so sick.  It's great that she was at least feeling well enough to enjoy her birthday party.  It is very hard to pull them back when they are having a good time.  

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