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06-28-10 First counseling session

Jun 28, 2010 - 2 comments

Well, I went for my first session this afternoon.  I have a little feeling that this is not going to be the right fit for me.  She seemed nice enough and most of the time I can talk to just about anyone.  But, she was telling me that everything that people experience, they choose.  HUH???  I told her I didn't choose this wheelchair...or weak legs....or pain.  She just looked at me, then restated what she had just said.  


Then she kept interrupting our discussion to talk about little things about her other clients.  She didn't mention any names, but (to me) that doesn't matter.  I do not think it is very professional for her to be telling me about her other clients.

I will go to the next appointment next week and see how it goes.  She has the cutest little Westie puppy, so at least it won't be a complete loss.  lol

But, if I still feel the same way after visit number 2, I will stop seeing her.  My energy is pulled from reserves at this time...I need to use it wisely.

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by RedFlame, Jul 03, 2010
Hi Addie,  I am so glad I just happened to read this journal entry.  This 'counselor' is one that you need to run from.  In a single session she managed to behave in an unethical, insensitive and just plain WRONG manner.  She violated the 'Code of Conduct'.  You need to run run run from this loony.  I don't know what her qualifications are, but there is something very wrong with her.  

I am a masters level clinical social worker and have worked in mental health for many years. WHen I was in graduate school there were a few people just like her.  Unfortunately,  we can't keep them from getting the education and being licensed.

She is afraid of something and can't handle your physical situation for some reason.   Her behavior is reprehensible!!!  Talking about other clients is a betrayal of trust even though she didn't use names.  

She is not a safe person to talk to.    She is just plain supid!

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by addicted2harleys, Jul 04, 2010

Hey, Lois-

Yeah, I am thinking that this counselor is not going to work, too.  I think she uses her practice for a social hour or gossip-fest.  I do have an appointment already set up with her for tomorrow and still plan to go...only because it will effect future counseling with anyone else if I miss the appointment (due to insurance).

My first clue should have been my initial phone call with her.  She made sure to tell me to be SURE I come to Suite B and not Suite C.  She said that a previous employee opened up shop right next door to her and is stealing her patients!  I think I just wanna stay away from Suite B and Suite C.

I thank you for confirming to me my first impression.  I am going to call my insurance tomorrow.  When I originally called them, they only gave me 2 referrals for my area.  I happened to call the other one first and come to find out she is located on the second floor in her building...and no elevator.  Since this flare I am in causes me to be wheelchair bound, that was out of the question.  I can''t do stairs even on my good days anyways.  So, I only have the other option left.  Maybe they have more for me and just gave me two to start.  I hope so because I was looking forward to getting a little help with acceptance.

Hugs to you and thanks so much again!

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