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Summary so far....

Jun 29, 2010 - 0 comments


Had a root canal done in juily 2009 and after this i felt that something wasnt right with my teeth/gums. Dentist said i had imfalmatioin of the gums so got so antibotics. Still not right and teeth became sore.It also was like a fizzness in mouth and very senseitive teeth. Couldnt figure out which one as pain moved from one to another so dentist pulled the tooth beside rhe root canal one as he said it was loose. Pain still there so after seeing him about 10 times he sent me to an oral surgeon who also said i had imflamation of gums. However, pain was more in teeth and after few months went back to oral surgeon who took x-rays and said teeth were ok.
Sortly after this i started feeling little shocks up the left side of face (different side than the root canal tooth) and in my teeth. When it kept happening went to doctor who thought i had trigeminal neuralgia and prescribed me Lyrica. Didn't seem to work for me mut i was on a low dose (300 mg) so got prescribed tregretol. After a week on this a developed a rash and flu like symptoms. Came of this tablet and i'm now on gabeplin (sp?) which im steadly increasing to 1800mg daily. Doesnt seem to be having much affect yet but im hoping it will as meds don't seem to be working for me yet. Waiting to see a neurologist to see what can be done. Don't think surgery is an option if trauma caused the TN. Feel low some days as my life has changed compelety. (i'm sure everyone can relate). I have an 8month daughter and just want to enjoy my time with her rather than being in pain.

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