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Who wants to feel my pain?

Jun 29, 2010 - 16 comments

Well, this is not my typical journal entry but one I feel compelled to write.  It is not filled with sentiment or joy but rather the true difficulty of being me at times.  

I've had two sick boys for going on . . . oh, I don't even know how many days now.  They are out of the feeling terrible so they are quiet and pathetic stage to feeling okay but terribly cranky stage.  But I guess having something that has the consistency of adhesive glue coming out of your nose would make for a bad mood.  There is enough to wall paper my whole house at this point.  Who knew such little guys could produce so much "gunk".

We've been pretty cooped up as they are recovering as I don't like to take them around too many other kids or people so that we don't spread the love . . .so to speak.  Yesterday we went hiking all by ourselves and didn't see another soul on the trails . . . which is fine except for the 20 minutes or so that I thought we were lost.  Today, our outing was to go to a park that we affectionately call the "sandy park".  It is a sand covered park that is great fun but doesn't get many kids during the summer.  Maybe the sand seems too hot for some.  Since it isn't too crowded, I decided that this would be a good day to go.  We wear old clothes there because the sand is really dirt mixed with sand and we come home looking like we played in a pig pen all day.  I gave the boys each a juicy plum for the drive to the park which promptly left lots of reddish yellow juice all over the shirts.  This mixed with the sand . . . they were looking good today.  LOL.  I wore an old shirt and while I showered, I did absolutely nothing to fix myself up.  It's one of those days where you just hope you don't see someone you know and if you do, you seriously contemplate hiding.  

After the park we headed home for dinner with the hubs.  The kitchen needed a spruce up as well as by the front door where it seems we all had been collecting all sorts of things.  The phone rings and it is DH telling me that an old friend from high school is in town and wants to go to dinner with him.  I say sure thinking it is a night off from cooking.  This is an old friend of DH's that was in our wedding and is a nice guy but I don't know too well.  More through old stories than anything else.  Anyway, I did not spruce up the kitchen, the front door or myself as often if DH gets together with friends--------  he doesn't get home until much later and I thought I'd do my "work" after the kids went to bed.  So we ate and then played outside.  We went on a neighbor's trampoline which has some kind of black film on it and my boys feet and knees were quite black.  Looking good.  They've still got the runny nose that I'm working to keep up with as well.  I mean we are gorgeous-------- all of us.  We go back to our house and I have a Pilate's dvd and I coax my boys into doing it with me.  Why not?  A little core muscle work won't hurt anyone, will it?  

So, we are mid Pilate's move, when I look up and there is DH . . . AND HIS FRIEND!!!  Our house was not friend friendly at that moment.  I was not a hot babe of a wife.  And our children looked like orphans.  And they've been cooped up for many days and saw this as their opportunity to go kooku for cocoa puffs.  We went into the back yard.  They whizzed footballs at our heads.  They threw sticks at the play set.  They climbed the highest thing they saw and jumped off.  They ran as fast as they can into each other. They wrestled.  They did about 75 things that could serious injury to themselves and others.  The whole time, my husband's polite friend . . . in a suit is acting like he isn't noticing and I'm trying to make small talk while trying to figure out if I have pizza in my teeth.  . . .and then it happened.  My youngest goes and gets the hose.  Yes, you know where I am going with this.  I say NO NO NO.  He turns on the fawcett.  I say no no no.  Then I'm walking towards him and he has the spray nozzle pointed at me like a gun.  I am shouting no no no.  He aims and opens fire.  Sprays me down from head to tow.  Then chases DH and DH's friend (in a suit) around the yard.  He soaked our guest.  

DH takes guest around the side of the house and gets a towel for him.  The friend is saying . . . "I must go" with urgency.  DH walks him to his car in our drive way.  I go in the back door and had a not so special mom moment in which I raised my voice.  Then I notice that husband has opened the window since this lovely pop in visit with his friend . . . and I glance out.  Yes.  DH and friend are looking up as they heard me lose my cool.  Good times.  Good times.

I'm not sure if I want a cocktail or chocolate pudding right now.

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458072 tn?1291418786
by peggy64, Jun 29, 2010
This is life, and this is really funny (From where I am sitting). I am sure its not to funny on your side of the computer screen.

Hey, I bet that friend doesn't call DH anymore when he is visiting in town any time soon....

All in all, except for the "snot", sounds like you guys had a GREAT time!

Making memories so cherish them! This time will be gone by the time you blink a couple of more times.....

377493 tn?1356505749
by adgal, Jun 29, 2010
Girlfriend, I am saying go for the cocktail...holy smokes, what a day!!!  I know you love your DH as much as I love mine, but seriously, what are they thinking?  You do not, not ever ever ever bring a friend home (I don't care if it is your best friend in the world) without a warning call to your wife well ahead of time!!!  Or at the very least a solid hour.  Other then that though, I have to say I am laughing pretty hard right now.  Sorry honey, not at your expense, but I can just picture the whole scene...hehe.  Now, off to put your feet up and enjoy a cocktail with you, I would say you have earned it!!!!

Avatar universal
by PassionFlower09, Jun 29, 2010
I say go for both-Chocolate-chocolate-cocktail.


1301089 tn?1290670171
by Sarajmt, Jun 30, 2010
I vote for the chocolate martini!!  You poor thing.  I know while you're in the heat of battle (so to speak) it's hard to see the humor in the whole situation.  Trust me, one day you will laugh at this.  And in a strange way, really miss it.  It sounds like the little ones are getting better.  No lack of energy on their part!

Other than all the above, how are you holding up?  I recommend a chocolate martini!!  Never had one myself but it sounds good!  OR a Baileys Irish Cream would do.  Those are yummy!!

Cheer up.  It will all settle down soon and then you get to handle a whole new set of problems!  Enjoy the ride!  It's all over way too soon.

Avatar universal
by teko, Jun 30, 2010
LOL, Oh the memories! Settle for the cocktail and while drinking, just imagine how much fun tommorrow will bring! Little boys can be such fun!  Tell DH next time he brings someone home to ask them not to wear a suit! Funny!  

145992 tn?1341348674
by mami1323, Jun 30, 2010
ROFL....holy moly this has got to be the best and most entertaining story...for all of us that is.  I totally feel your pain.  I'm sure DH and you had a nice conversation that night about calling ahead of time.  You know his friend won't be visiting your house again the next time he's in town.  See that's one way to not have repeat house  I'm hoping today will be a better day.

973741 tn?1342346373
by specialmom, Jun 30, 2010
Ahhh.  I think I've recovered an ounce of my dignity.  The image of my husband's friend in a suit sprinting through our yard trying to outrun the stream of water . . . hose nozzle was set on jet . . . will be emblazoned in my mind forever.  

After the kids were in bed, I sat down beside DH.  We hadn't spoken of it yet . . . the event.  It took me a second to gather myself before looking at him.  Our eyes met . . . and we burst out laughing.  

I went for the chocolate pudding followed by some red wine.  Decadent but well deserved!

Thanks all for feeling my pain!

535822 tn?1443980380
by margypops, Jun 30, 2010
Sorry going to laugh ....hey choc pud and a gin and tonic.... I think the friend and DH lost a magical moment , it was their loss, pity they couldnt have joined in , and run around yelling like kids, the fact you play like mad and have a wonderful time means you are a pretty astounding mom.They missed a great opportunity....but you had a good day so did the kids thats what matters ..I hope the DH had a laugh with you later .......

460830 tn?1347222906
by stacys_aunt, Jun 30, 2010
                                                                                                                                     GOD BLESS,
                                                                                                                                    BEVERLY :)

127529 tn?1331844380
by mum2beagain, Jul 02, 2010
Love this journal, sounds like most of my days.
Glad you enjoyed your chocolate and wine!

470885 tn?1326332637
by Limonada, Jul 09, 2010
Great entry about a not so great day!  I'm glad you could see the humour in it, after the fact.

I wonder if your husband's friend is going to come back for a visit again, anytime soon?  ;-)  

Red wine and pudding - good choice :-))

996699 tn?1447233481
by raquelplus2, Jul 16, 2010
lmao!!! special mom that is just toooo funny!!!!!!!!!! lol and i could picture it and hear you raising your voice lol tooo funny!!! i love it!!!

1328841 tn?1315687416
by Faylew1012, Aug 28, 2010
Um , that is such a wonderful memory! I'm not kidding and it feels good to know that there is someone out there who has had something happen on the level with some of my moments!

996946 tn?1503252712
by LindaTX, Oct 08, 2010
Does anybody out there really enjoy people dropping in on them, even when accompanied by a completely naive, well-meaning DH.  How can they think soooo differently from us?

When we were living in famyly around I went through a period of time when my kids were 3, 5, and 6 where I started making myself a pitcher (small) of martinis in the afternoon.  I just needed a little something to take the EDGE off. It was summer, my husband was 1000 mi away for 2 wks at a time on the North Slope, and I would sit and watch the kids play in the beautiful Alaskan  sun....awe gorgeous!  75-80 degree weather. I never got drunk but I began to wonder if this ritual could become addicting.  After a month or so I gave up the martinis, didn't care so much for the taste...maybe I should have transitioned into Margaritas....memories of summer in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

I envy you, Specialmom with your writing.  When I was young I always fantasized about writing, even magazine articles or short stories or children's books, not necessarily novels.  You have lofty goals....stay on the path to achieve them.  You will be well-rewarded.

973741 tn?1342346373
by specialmom, Oct 08, 2010
Thank you Linda. I have to remind myself of what my goals are as I sometimes forget!  Life has a way of overshadowing our bigger dreams, right?  

I've never been to Alaska.  Your description is beautiful. Having young children---------- and especially three so close in age as yours . . . well, you just have to get through the days.  It is a wonderful period in life but sometimes you don't realize that until you are looking back.  Another thing that I try to remind myself of.  Life is good and even when I'm tired, stressed or annoyed with my children, I shouldn't let that overshadow the good in it.  

Avatar universal
by lovemykids465, Oct 08, 2010
LOL! Thank you. This made my day! I am in the same boat. Sick kids and all.

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